OLEKA Protective Vest Program

A very special and elite team exists in Law Enforcement, who having undergone years of rigorous training, prove daily their loyalty and dedication to their community. Whether you've heard of them or not, they work day in and day out - ready to risk their lives at a moment's notice - to protect and serve you. The fundamental difference between these and any other Law Enforcement team, however, isn't their speed, agility, intelligence, bravery, or commitment: it's their legs - all four of them.

Almost everyone has heard that a dog is man's best friend. For hundreds of Ohio Police dogs, though, such a statement has much more significance than you may realize. They search and rescue, they sniff our dangerous drugs and explosives, they track criminals, detain dangerous persons, and occasionally even make traffic stops. They work hard to faithfully protect you.

OLEKA takes safety serious as do other concerned people from around the great state of Ohio. Within our mission, we have partnered with other programs to benefit our K9 partners.

One Police K9 vest costs around $1800. This is far out of reach for the limited budgets of most Law Enforcement agencies. Our four legged Officers need your help to keep them safe while they do the same for you. They put their lives on the line every day so that we may have the safe community's to live and raise our family's. With your help, we can give a little back and say thank you and help keep them safe.

Please help us help protect our K9 partners. You can help by donating money toward the vests and help planning and work at fund raising events. Get in touch with any of our board members to find out how you can help raise these important funds.

If you are a K9 Officer and want to help raise money for you own partner to have a vest then click on the grant application link below to apply for funding to help protect you partner that helps protect you.


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